Writer and speaker on subjects of faith, doubt and conscience, and author of Moonlight Sonata at the Mayo Clinic


  • Entering the country of illness —Wisconsin Public Radio interview: Gallagher
  • A map of illness, uncertainty, and faith that is both meditative and highly relatable for anyone who has experienced life-threatening illness or supported a loved one who has —Interview with Angela Levesque
  • On faith, Mayo Clinic and efficiency —Minnesota Public Radio interview
  • "I bought this book to help the two of us cope with the emotional whirlpool we are experiencing. We were immediately immersed into Gallager's eerily familiar world . . ." —Amazon Review
  • “The soul of medicine is lost” —interview with Janeane Bernstein
  • Navigating the health care system and finding humility —The Source: Moonlight Sonata At The Mayo Clinic — Texas Public Radio
  • The patients point of view —Jeff Schechtman's "Specific Gravity"
  • Nora Gallagher, has a fabulous new book out, Moonlight Sonata at Mayo Clinic. Everything she writes is fabulous--brilliant, tender, soulful — Anne Lamott
  • “I am and am not who I was.” —Spiritual writer finds new faith amid illness — Santa Fe New Mexican
  • Nora on West Coast Live with Sedge Thomson (scroll down the page and click on West Coast Live to play)
  • Page One: Where New and Noteworthy Books Begin
  • Hear Nora Gallagher at Grace Cathedral, Recent Sermons and Forums
  • "Although this book at its core deals with a complex subject, readers need not expect a tome filled with dry writing liberally sprinkled with medical jargon and technical test results. Rather, Ms. Gallagher utilizes the best of lyrical writing to chronicle her life, family, career path, and religious practices. Sentences likes 'We went to New York for the rivers of words' will invite readers in and hold their attention throughout the story." —New York Journal of Books
  • "The Break in the Narrative" Forum and sermon on vulnerability, at the Washington National Cathedral.
  • Nora Gallagher On Dealing With A Mystery DiseaseThe Daily Beast
  • ". . . a beautifully rendered portrait of the frailty of the human condition." —Starred review, Shelf Awareness
  • Our colleague Nora Gallagher just finished her latest book, Moonlight Sonata at the Mayo Clinic. So proud of her —Patagonia (@patagonia)
  • "I love all of Nora Gallagher's books. She's everything I love—smart, searching, vulnerable, faithful, doubting, deeply real and a beautiful writer." —Anne Lamott
  • "In Moonlight Sonata, terrified that she will lose her life—or everything that gives it meaning—Gallagher radically redefines what faith means to her. Anyone who has experienced serious illness will appreciate her journey." —Christian Century
  • "Nora Gallagher is perfect company, both witty and deep, and she describes . . . spiritual life with absolute accuracy." —Annie Dillard, author of “A Pilgrim at Tinker Creek” 
  • "Life-changing moments take place on seemingly ordinary days when we least expect it. That is one of the many lessons writer Gallagher shares in this compelling memoir of the time she spent in what she calls the Land of Oz." —June Sawyers, Booklist
  • "Gallagher . . . finds the humble, bracing imperative to live in the present. 'Task: to be where I am.'" —Publishers Weekly
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